BabyRug , our goal is to make life easier with a new baby. We carefully select brands that truly are essentials for mums.

“I can’t believe just how many things I ended up buying when my children were tiny,” says mummy of two Monica Ni Cheallaigh. “You want the best for your baby but sometimes it is difficult to find really useful products.”

Monica’s sister in Australia had raved about a product called ‘Bug in a Rug’ a highly practical and super cute baby wrap made from polar fleece or 100% natural cotton that is warm and lightweight. Velcro fasteners mean it is simple to unwrap and the split leg design means you won’t have to disturb your baby when moving from car seat to pushchair or carry pouch.

“My sister had talked about this product because it is so popular in Australia,” Monica enthused. “As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted one immediately! I really liked the fact that they were so easy to use, were super snug and comfortable and came in a range of different fabrics, colours and sizes to suit every baby in every season.”

Monica contacted the family run company and soon was the UK distributor of Baby Rug, as well as the stockist of plenty more exciting and extremely useful baby products. BabyRug HQ is in Raynes Park, South London., essential items to make your baby feel safe and secure.

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