Pittari – the Newborn wrap sling


The Newborn wrap sling – A stretchy carrier for newborns,  the Pitrari is Japanese designed with super soft stretchy fabric and innovative belt support. 

  • compact clean and easy to use
  • simple designed newborn wrap sling
  • less fabric than a traditional wrap sling
  • contained in a belt, keeping it in the correct postion for subsequent uses
  • extra security as the belt supports baby
  • breathable fabric
  • weights from birth to 33lbs




It’s common for baby’s head to be supported on one side by a stretchy wrap sling, as in this picture but the important thing is that baby’s chin never touches their chest, and that baby’s face is free from fabric at all times.

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“There are many benefits to using a newborn wrap sling with a very young baby; there is much evidence to suggest that skin to skin contact between mother and newborn (especially premature) babies can confer great advantages to both. The baby gains assistance with their physiological regulation of breathing and heart rates, temperature control is improved, and the contact helps to establish breastfeeding and promote more rapid growth compared to babies who are not held as close for as long. Furthermore, the baby will feel more secure in his developing relationship with his caregiver, due to the time spent in close contact.”