Millefeuille de coton – Softest Cotton Baby Basics

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Japanese crafted cotton basics, 6 layers of varied thickness and highest thread count, creating a range of the softest cotton baby basics.


Softest Cotton baby basics,  the Millefeuille de coton is a Masterpiece of Japanese Textile Craftsmanship.  Made from 6 layers of cotton fabric, each layer consisting of the finest yarn with the highest thread density,  creating maximum softness and comfort.

Cotton yarn of various thickness thread allows air to flow between the layers. The effect is that softness is maintained wash after wash, unlike traditional cotton fabric.

A full range of gorgeous baby basics in the softest cotton and breathable fabrics, Sleeping bags, Bibs and Comforters. The neutral design is ideal for boys and girls, and gives you two lovely looks so, inverting the pattern on the other side . The perfect finishing touch to a baby’s nursery, it also makes a great gift.

  • Beautiful patterns and softest cotton fabric
  • Highest thread count creating the softest cotton.
  • Different thickness of yarn allowing air to flow.
  • Breathable fabric
  • Absorbent and tough, gets softer with every wash, unlike regular cotton.
  • Full range of baby basics, sleeping bags bibs, blankets and comforters
Wonderfully soft cotton basics, made from 100% cotton yarns, of varying thickness. Truly the best fabric to have next to your baby’s skin. Natural and hypo allergenic, cooling and absorbent, the most comfortable for your baby. Comes in a variety of beautiful prints and colours for everyday use.


Blanket Wrap, Comforter, Muslin & Bib, Sleeping bag


Beige Hedgehog, Blue Sheep


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