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The Suppori sling is an award winning, compact and stylish, its easy to use. High performance fabric, that’s durable, safe and strong, it allows air to flow between mum and baby.  Select your size and  talk to us if you need any extra info.

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The Slim Suppori baby sling is a fantastic compact sling. The Suppori is so easy to use your baby straddles your hip. It is so secure and comfortable to wear, as the SUPPORi covers your shoulder and your baby’s back and hips.

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The triple stitch fabric is super strong. Baby is secure in the Slim Suppori sling, as the fabric does not stretch lenghtways but widthways ensuring that the baby is safely attached to mum at all times.

Air Permeability ensures comfortable wearing, even during the summer. Because of SUPPORi’s amazing high performance fabric, no heat builds up between mum and baby. Can be used in the pool or the sea as its a non-absorbent fabric.

Mother’s have enough to carry around. Slim Suppori sling is light and compact! Only 80g and smaller than your phone.

Designed to fit mum and stretch to fit baby, See size chart for more info, or   talk to us.



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Spinal Benefits for Wearer and baby. The child’s body is supported over a large surface area. The Suppori sling sits on your shoulder and stretches to your hip. spreading the weight between your strong shoulder and resting on hip. Saving your delicate neck muscles and back.

SUPPORi sling creates a position where the baby’s spine and hips are aligned correctly. C – Curve SUPPORi sling supports the C Curve of the baby’s spine. One of the best features of SUPPORi is its elasticity. It does not extend lengthwise but it extends horizontally. When you carry your baby in the SUPPORi sling, the fabric fits snugly, maintaining baby’s spine C curve. M – Shape of Legs, knees are bent. the hip joints sit securely in the socket. Maintains the orthopedically ideal position of the legs – M Shape. Knees are higher than their bottom, keeping legs supported up close to the knee area. 

Spinal Benefits for Wearer Weight is borne by the hip and shoulder and distributed to the back and chest, thus reducing the load that would otherwise be borne by the arm, lower back and hip of an adult carrying a child on the hip.The strain on the spine when a correctly fitted sling is being used is a significant improvement over holding the child without the sling.


Chest size in inches
Height  29 inches  32 inches 38 inches 40+
4ft 9 inches 0L 1L 1L
5ft 3 inches 0L/1L 1L 2L
5ft 8 inches 1L/2L 2L 2L
5ft 10 inches 3L 3L/4L
6ft 2 inches 4L 4L


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Suppori sling

Suppori sling, how to 3

Suppori sling

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Suppori sling













The spine suffers significantly less torsion and asymmetrical loading. There would be significantly less muscular activity in the lateral hip stabilisers, lower back and mid-back primary muscle groups. This will greatly reduce back strain when carrying out this activity for comparable periods of time.It allows the user to have a hand free to carry out other activities whilst having the child supported and secured, with significantly reduced spinal strain. SUPPORi sling is designed for convenience, a ‘quick carrier’. It would be used for short periods, recommended for no longer than 2 hours at a time.SUPPORi, covers from one side, the shoulder to the opposite hip. This makes it possible to support baby’s weight not just on one side of the body but with your whole body.

  • Machine wash: 40°C use laundry net.
  • Use a mild detergent.Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener.
  • Gently rinse out the water and re-shaping the carrier.Lay flat to dry in the shade.
  • Available in 6 great colours



Black, Blue, Bright Pink, Khaki, Mauve, Olive Green, Orange, Navy


0L, 1L

8 reviews for Slim Suppori Sling, baby hip carrier , lightweight compact sling – Lucky Baby Japan

  1. 5 out of 5


    The Suppori is a very useful carrying aid. Its folds as small as a packet of tissues and is a great quick trip/emergency carrier to have in your bag with an older baby or small toddler. Its quick drying mesh fabric also makes it a great carrier to use in the water.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love using the Suppori, it frees up my arms and I can see my toes! :) I have used it around the house too, as i used to have to carry my baby and it killed my neck and back. But because the Suppori fits over my shoulder and then my baby sits on my hip nicely. Really great too for holidays. Its so tiny i can put it in my husbands pocket and i can grab it if we need it. And it looks nice. I really recommend the Suppori.

  3. 5 out of 5


    My daughter is very clingy to me, so the sling greatly helps especially when we go for a long walk. The material is so strong and durable but light and airy which is very important to keep my little one stay cool and calm. And a bonus is the whole sling fits into my pocket so we never need to lug an extra bag when we need to dash out of the door.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I love my Suppori sling and i am using it nearly everyday! It’s brilliant! My baby boy loves it too, he looks so comfy in it :-] He is so securely snuggled up to me and i can carry him for ages, as it makes him lighter and easier to carry. I really recommend it.

  5. 5 out of 5


    The Suppori sling has been a godsend. My boy is now a year old and very heavy for his age! I had to give up my back sling as he just weighs too much However the Suppori is great now he is more mobile he doesnt want to be carried for long periods, its perfect for when we nip out to collect my daughter from nursery, or into a shop for a few bits and i dont want the hassle of getting the pram out.

    He has been very poorly just recently and the sling was brilliant as i could pop him in it and just carry on. He didnt want to be put down and just wanted cuddles but life doesnt stop and with the sling i was able to get at least some things done.

    I was very pleased with the customer service i received from your company, you helped me find the right size sling and processed my order and return very quickly, thank you.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a wonderful sling – I live on the 3rd floor and besides feeling my 11month old baby is much safer now when I carry him up and downstairs, I can also manage the baby bag and a couple of bags of shopping at the same time. Unthinkable without it.
    It’s so handy to store in any pocket and can just be left on during the day if your baby is likely to be in and out of it. Not only that, recently I went on a long country walk in the hills with my cousin, the baby was so comfortable he actually fell asleep most of the way and I didn’t feel under any strain what so ever (he weighs over 8k) and I’m neither big nor strong – I couldn’t comfortably carry him to the end of the street without it.
    And finally, when I took the baby on a flight abroad recently, I was so lucky to have the Suppori sling as the baby carrier and pushchair had to be collected from the luggage collection area not the door of the plane – this was a LONG walk, not to mention the wait in customs queues, which would have been agony and just about impossible with the other bags I was carrying. THANK YOU Suppori!!!!

  7. 5 out of 5


    The Suppori sling did arrived in time for my trip to Barcelona and has been fantastic! Really easy to use. My daughter loved being carried around and being part of the hustle and bustle of the city when she got sick of her pushchair, and it was a great help at the airport!

  8. 5 out of 5


    Thank goodness I had my #suppori while we were on holidays in the south of WA so I could walk out on the narrow bridge to enjoy the view. Could have never got the pram out there!
    Thanks Amy!!

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