Kate Hudson loves our Easy slim sling

kate hudson

Our easy slings are popular with celebs and mums alike, ensuring comfort when carrying our lovely little ones.


Especially as baby gets bigger and heavier , we need some extra support as baby still needs to be carried in most situation.  Having a small compact carrier in the buggy or handbag is a real asset.

kate hudson


ONBUHIMO – origins of Japanese baby carriers

2017 Lucky new Brand logo

Lucky Industries know quiet a lot about baby slings having 3 generations of the Higuchi family, designing baby carriers since 1934.

In Japan in the 1930s families were bigger, 5 or so children, where the eldest daughter would be expected help at home with the babies.

Higuchi Takeo , the founder of Lucky Industries Japan, saw that these women needed help and support,  therefore he began designing carriers and slings for babies.

Onbuhimo (Japanese back carriers) which are easy off and on, without a waistband, allowed mother and baby to stay together while work continued. Not having the luxury of time at home to bond with baby, these carriers kept mothers productive and working.


The second generation, Higuchi Junichi saw a massive change in the style of baby carriers. Structured carriers with buckles and straps, some imported from Europe and USA, brought changes to Lucky Industries designs.

Baby carriers are widely used in every part of Japan, although lifestyles have changed, culturally Japanese mothers more open to the idea of using a sling. Designs are more intelligent and advanced. Fabrics are progressive and more supportive.


As every individual family is unique and each has its own different demands. Slings and carriers also need to fit and suit these individual lifestyles.

Lucky Industries in its third generation, Higuchi Hiroyuki, is striving to meet these demands, adapting his designs. Introducing innovative carriers with progressive fabrics.

Babies and mothers truly are “Lucky” to use this fabulous range of products; these brands include well-known carriers such as Suppori, Wacotto, Pittari, Sukkiri, plus many more.



New names will be added of course as the range evolves and improves.




Water sling – Bonding and washing in one


Our slings are made from a soft-touch, breathable mesh that can be worn in the water. It can be used in any water but it is perfect to carry bub into the shower with you. Bonding and washing in one.

Non absorbent material means you can take your baby into water , sea or pool or shower, with ease. The compact nature also means you don’t aquire any more weight , with the added weight of wet fabric, truly amazing fabric!

If you dont have a bath or are at family’s place where there isnt a bath, the sling is a great solution for showering, secure in the knowledge that as baby gets wet and slippery, baby is still safe in your sling and arms.

Truly is does eat into any ME TIME, but as new mums we have to ensure “me time” is still there but in another form. Get creative with hubby , make sure he gives you a break. Or better still give him the sling and the baby,  leave them to shower while you relax. :)


The Suppori japanese desiged fabric is truly amazing, stretches to create a seat for baby but at the same time retains its safe and strong secure shape


Water sling

Suppori water sling








The Wacotto carrier is a wider and softer compact carrier and has the same high tech design fabric, and soft and stretchy fabric.












The sukkiri’s open mesh fabric is a breathable ring sling , and is perfect for water play as the fabric is super soft and silky.



ring sling









Gift Box – Snug as Bug


Lovely new look for the Snug as a Bug baby wrap – car seat blanket.

Snug As A Bug® Baby  Blankets are made in Perth, Western Australia. A family owned company has lovingly manufactured the internationally design registered Snug As A Bug® products since 2002 and sells internationally to department stores and boutiques world wide.

Snug as a bug

  • Designed for use in a car seat straps, buggy or a sling
  • A versatile polar fleece baby car seat blanket, simpler to use than a jacket or a coat
  • Multi-use blanket, lightweight for safety in car seat, buggy or sling.
  • No bulky fabric to get in the way of harnesses and straps.
  • Bug in a Rug provides a snug swaddle, helping to promote sleep.
  • Machine Washable.




And now comes in the beautiful Gift Box,   BUY NOW!


single box giftpackaging

Physiotherapist working on Sydney’s North Shore


Joanna is an APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist working on Sydney’s North Shore and living on the beautiful Northern Beaches with her family.

As a busy first time mum she found carrying her daughter’s growing weight on her hip was causing pain and stiffness at her neck, back, shoulders and hip. As a physiotherapist she knew this was caused by constant carrying of her daughter for quick errands or round the house doing chores with her on her hip instead of using her hot and cumbersome multi-strapped baby carrier or stroller. So she sought to solve the problem and find something that supported her daughters’ weight and was also quick and simple to use.

After extensive research she came across the Award winning SUPPORi baby sling from Japan and instantly fell in love! It was the perfect answer to her problems along with being light-weight, breathable and enabling close contact for kisses and cuddles. Now it’s a firm favourite of both mother and daughter.

The interest that it sparked from other parents, grand parents and child care workers in the local community is how Beaches Bubs began.


As with all baby slings and carriers, it is important to remember that you are carrying an extra external load (i.e. our little munchkins)so remember to have regular rests from carrying. For more information about ‘Baby Wearing’ see our blog.

We offer online sales and also free fittings for mothers groups, families and friends living on the Northern beaches and North Shore of Sydney. If this looks like the baby carrier for you, but are unsure of the sizing or how to use, why not get some friends together for a morning coffee and Joanna will happily help you with your choice. For more information please contact us at joanna@beachesbubs.com.au 

Suppori striped baby sling

suppori stripe french

Brand new this summer – Suppori striped Slings

suppori stripe  Buy Now

Compact and easy to use, the Suppori is a great summer sling, as the open weave fabric allows you to cool down while carrying baby.

It also doesn’t absorb water so you can play in the pool and enjoy the heat,  and cool off in the water together.

Buy Now

suppori stripe french

suppori stripe french

suppori stripe pink

suppori stripe pink


Lightweight breathable and compact, the Suppori sling is an essential for travel and days out. The weight of baby is shared between your shoulder and your hip , so not only are your freeing up your hand, but you can keep your shoulder and back in good posture and save your delicate neck and upper back muscles.



Sukkiri breathable ring sling

Breathable fabric ring sling

The Sukkiri ring sling has a gorgeous light open fabric, non absorbent, dry in seconds.  Ideal for taking to the beach and getting wet and sandy. Means that no weight is added from moisture which is a massive benefit, as well as the fact that air can circulate between you and baby.  

Sukkiri Breathable Ring Sling only £30.00

ring sling

ring sling

Even when its not very warm the heat build up between mum and baby can be hard to manage. So having a sling that allows air through the fabric is just essential. It makes it so much easier during the summer months and on holiday too of course.

This breathable ring sling allows you to be hands free when in the shower or at the baby pool or just caught in the rain! :)

People like stripes – So we’re introducing a striped Suppori

Suppori baby sling

Suppori Navy Stripe


Suppori Grey Stripe


Suppori Grey Stripe











Ever popular , stripes are a must have. This summer we’ll have our range of striped Suppori slings ready to go! To  preorder click here and we’ll ship to you once they have arrived fresh from Japan. 



Pink Stripe


Navy Stripe


Grey Stripe


French Stripe












Summer Slings – Less fabric – Easier and Cooler

Pittari sling

Its hard to find a summer sling and I do love wrap slings for a newborn, soft and stretchy , comfortable to wear and supportive for baby.

Less is more, the Pittari has much less fabric, and its ready to go in the correct spot, tucked away in the supportive belt . Its a must for new mums with new babies. 

Summer wrap sling

Summer Sling – Pittari

Pittari summer

Summer sling – Pittari




Summer heat – cool slings

summer baby sling

Summer heat can make baby carring even hotter, its best to have a lightweight sling that is made from a non absorbent material. Breathable mesh fabric keeps air circulating between you and baby. Keep both of you cool is essential.

Suppori baby sling is made from triple stitch mesh fabric, lightweight and small. As the fabric doesnt absorb water it can be used in the Pool and sea. What fun!

suppori beach1

Summer stripes

summer stripe

suppori stripe grey


We love a summer stripe here at BabyRug. Strong and bright or soft and muted, we have it all. Carriers in stripes and summer wraps for sun protection with cool breathable fabric. Not heat build up just airy cool summery fabrics.Whats your favourite?


French stripe

great-swandoodle-boaty-baby-new--877-p[ekm]350x233[ekm]summer stripe









New look gift wrapped Snug as a Bug coming soon..

Snug as a bug


New Snug As A  Bug Logo







It is essential that a newborn gift looks as beautiful as possible, with that in mind the Snug as a Bug will soon be available in a fabulous gift box. First sample on its way from Australia. Big reveal coming soon… Or visit us at Harrogate and get a sneak preview.

The Snug as a Bug is the best newborn gift, as its is used to bring baby home from hospital , in a car seat , for the first time , wrapped safely for that special journey.

Wrapping a newborn safely but easily in the car seat, knowing that you can control baby’s temperature in and out of the car. The snug as a bug makes that simple while giving your new baby a cosy warm cuddle.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug… 


Pittari – the Newborn wrap sling


The Newborn wrap sling – A stretchy carrier for newborns,  the Pitrari is Japanese designed with super soft stretchy fabric and innovative belt support. 

  • compact clean and easy to use
  • simple designed newborn wrap sling
  • less fabric than a traditional wrap sling
  • contained in a belt, keeping it in the correct postion for subsequent uses
  • extra security as the belt supports baby
  • breathable fabric
  • weights from birth to 33lbs




It’s common for baby’s head to be supported on one side by a stretchy wrap sling, as in this picture but the important thing is that baby’s chin never touches their chest, and that baby’s face is free from fabric at all times.

how to use-PAGE14







“There are many benefits to using a newborn wrap sling with a very young baby; there is much evidence to suggest that skin to skin contact between mother and newborn (especially premature) babies can confer great advantages to both. The baby gains assistance with their physiological regulation of breathing and heart rates, temperature control is improved, and the contact helps to establish breastfeeding and promote more rapid growth compared to babies who are not held as close for as long. Furthermore, the baby will feel more secure in his developing relationship with his caregiver, due to the time spent in close contact.”



Fantastic reviews for the Wacotto baby sling , thank you Bizziebaby

baby sling

The Wacotto baby sling reviews on Bizziebaby.co.uk are so amazing! clealy a winner for mums who need to carry baby



Caroline Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.9/5

First impression was how compact, lightweight and stylish this baby sling is. Super strong, very nice weave/pattern to the material. Very stretchy. Superb quality. Instructions nice and simple. Not a buckle in sight and I love that! Really easy to put on. You just put it around your neck like a scarf, pop one arm through the neck hole, pop baby in and you’re ready. In summer it would be a clear 5/5. What I have found is if baby is wearing a snow suit or we are both wearing winter coats, then it can be a bit difficult to navigate baby into position. I do feel my baby is secure in this sling. read more


Carly Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.8/5

Loved the look of this baby sling as I had checked out online and as a first time mum was eager to try out this sling. The material used for this is great, very strong, versatile and easy to care for. Instructions very easy to follow and understand. I was surprised how easy this was to put on and was ready to go in no time. Was easy enough to place my daughter in this sling. I felt my daughter was safe and snug in this sling and it will be coming away with us this spring for our holiday to Spain. read more


Bronze Award for the Bug in a Rug Extreme, by BizzieBaby.co.uk


bb-awards-logo-bronzeJacqueline Awarded The Bug in a Rug Extreme 4.3/5

Initial impressions are that the material was very soft and looked really good quality, also slightly bigger than expected. The design is good and simple, very easy to place baby in and wrap them up without disturbing them too much. Design is versatile so can be used in a pram, car seat, carry cot and baby carrier/sling. read more…

Extreme Grey Baby Blue



Kate Hudson Spotted Wearing The SUPPORi Baby Carrier

kate hudson

Kate Hudson Spotted Wearing The SUPPORi Baby Carrier

Lovely Kate Hudson has been spotted in our innovative SUPPORi sling, seen in New York, enjoying her 34th birthday with her family and carrying her younger son, Bing, in a bright blue SUPPORi. My favourite colour too.. :) buy now


summer baby sling

summer baby sling


The Suppori carrier is fabulous carrier, the fabric is designed to stretch into a hammock seat, and truly compact. It rolls up as small as your phone.

Essential for any holiday or trip where space is at a premium!

The Japanese designed performance fabric doesnt absorb water so its perfect for the sea, pool, beach or even the shower!

buy now



Why we love #Babywearing


Why we love #Babywearing


  1. We can get things done around the house, with both hands free.
  2. The sling is handy when visiting tricky ground that a buggy could not manage.
  3. The sling doubles up as a breastfeeding cover.
  4. It’s helped us build a strong close bond with baby.
  5. We get so many more cuddles during the day than we would with baby was in a buggy.
  6. We interact and talk about the world around.


many thanks to @mytwomums for the inspiration to write this!


Car seat blanket – baby blue

car seat blanket

Thank Yulia for sending us your pic of your lovely boy in his Bug in a Rug car seat blanket. He looks so snug and warm , wrapped up like that.  Its especially handy during this spring weather , where its sunny but certainly not warm, so keeping a bug in a rug handy is no problem.

Enjoy being snug and warm in your car seat blanket Saleem, so very very cute.

Bea’s handmade

Handmade blankets by Bea

Bea’s Handmade patchwork quilt is completely unique.
Your quilt is designed to be used, loved and will become a treasured possession.
I use a mix of carefully sourced new and vintage fabric.
Sometimes I use old clothes or blankets that have special memories, mixed into a quilt of new fabric.
We can work together on what you’d like your quilt to look like or you can leave the design completely in my hands.

Cuski comforter

Cuski cream 12

The perfect gift for all newborn babies. The alternative to a dummy or a blanky.
Cuski sleeps with Mummy so it can pick up wonderful Mummy smells. Introduce it to your baby the following day and they bond for life.

It is designed to be easily cuddled and held by babies!

Bug in a Rug


This baby blanket will give your baby a cocooned feeling, promoting calm in babies, so baby is, snug as a bug in a rug.

More convenient than a normal blanket as there is no need to wrap & re-wrap your baby.

This baby wrap can be used with all 5 point harness systems, making moving your baby from car seat to pram to sling so simple.