Water sling – Bonding and washing in one


Our slings are made from a soft-touch, breathable mesh that can be worn in the water. It can be used in any water but it is perfect to carry bub into the shower with you. Bonding and washing in one.

Non absorbent material means you can take your baby into water , sea or pool or shower, with ease. The compact nature also means you don’t aquire any more weight , with the added weight of wet fabric, truly amazing fabric!

If you dont have a bath or are at family’s place where there isnt a bath, the sling is a great solution for showering, secure in the knowledge that as baby gets wet and slippery, baby is still safe in your sling and arms.

Truly is does eat into any ME TIME, but as new mums we have to ensure “me time” is still there but in another form. Get creative with hubby , make sure he gives you a break. Or better still give him the sling and the baby,  leave them to shower while you relax. :)


The Suppori japanese desiged fabric is truly amazing, stretches to create a seat for baby but at the same time retains its safe and strong secure shape


Water sling

Suppori water sling








The Wacotto carrier is a wider and softer compact carrier and has the same high tech design fabric, and soft and stretchy fabric.












The sukkiri’s open mesh fabric is a breathable ring sling , and is perfect for water play as the fabric is super soft and silky.



ring sling