Physiotherapist working on Sydney’s North Shore


Joanna is an APA titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist working on Sydney’s North Shore and living on the beautiful Northern Beaches with her family.

As a busy first time mum she found carrying her daughter’s growing weight on her hip was causing pain and stiffness at her neck, back, shoulders and hip. As a physiotherapist she knew this was caused by constant carrying of her daughter for quick errands or round the house doing chores with her on her hip instead of using her hot and cumbersome multi-strapped baby carrier or stroller. So she sought to solve the problem and find something that supported her daughters’ weight and was also quick and simple to use.

After extensive research she came across the Award winning SUPPORi baby sling from Japan and instantly fell in love! It was the perfect answer to her problems along with being light-weight, breathable and enabling close contact for kisses and cuddles. Now it’s a firm favourite of both mother and daughter.

The interest that it sparked from other parents, grand parents and child care workers in the local community is how Beaches Bubs began.


As with all baby slings and carriers, it is important to remember that you are carrying an extra external load (i.e. our little munchkins)so remember to have regular rests from carrying. For more information about ‘Baby Wearing’ see our blog.

We offer online sales and also free fittings for mothers groups, families and friends living on the Northern beaches and North Shore of Sydney. If this looks like the baby carrier for you, but are unsure of the sizing or how to use, why not get some friends together for a morning coffee and Joanna will happily help you with your choice. For more information please contact us at