BabyWearing Conference


All this babywearing is so new to me, obviously I carried my baby in a sling, but the concept of a profession, this has snuck up on me. I am now only becoming aware of this whole new world. Having a professional consultant to teach and educate us mums in carrying is an excellent idea.

Foolishly I thought I did this carrying thing properly , and that there was no choice but to brave on with the sling you bought and persevere regardless of whether it worked for you or not.  Now I know I should have swapped and changed and thought harder (or had a professional to guide me) on the correct sling for my baby and me.


Babywearing conference Bristol

Clearly I will be attending the babywearing conference in June in Bristol. Not just to show our range of slings to the profession and attendees, but more importantly to learn everything I possibly can.

The conference runs for 3 days and is jam-packed with speakers and workshops covering a multitude of aspects of babywearing. (timetable)
The first talk that seriously appeals to me is friday 19th Osteopath Patrick Meyer on posture and muscle usage while carrying, both with and without a sling. This makes my neck twinge with the memory of my son when he was a hefty little toddler and loved being carried. I’m sure I did all the wrong things , and I can’t  wait to hear what the experts say.

I am unsure what Dance Sling Swing  is exactly but I’m going and I’ll be in the front row! :)

I am going to delve deeper into the schedule of workshops and speakers over the next few weeks leading up to the conference so I’ll post again as i find out more.

June 19th – 21st Severnside Conference centre at Thornbury Leisure Centre, Bristol, BS35 3JB,

People like stripes – So we’re introducing a striped Suppori

Suppori baby sling

Suppori Navy Stripe


Suppori Grey Stripe


Suppori Grey Stripe











Ever popular , stripes are a must have. This summer we’ll have our range of striped Suppori slings ready to go! To  preorder click here and we’ll ship to you once they have arrived fresh from Japan. 



Pink Stripe


Navy Stripe


Grey Stripe


French Stripe












Summer Slings – Less fabric – Easier and Cooler

Pittari sling

Its hard to find a summer sling and I do love wrap slings for a newborn, soft and stretchy , comfortable to wear and supportive for baby.

Less is more, the Pittari has much less fabric, and its ready to go in the correct spot, tucked away in the supportive belt . Its a must for new mums with new babies. 

Summer wrap sling

Summer Sling – Pittari

Pittari summer

Summer sling – Pittari