Fantastic reviews for the Wacotto baby sling , thank you Bizziebaby

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The Wacotto baby sling reviews on are so amazing! clealy a winner for mums who need to carry baby



Caroline Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.9/5

First impression was how compact, lightweight and stylish this baby sling is. Super strong, very nice weave/pattern to the material. Very stretchy. Superb quality. Instructions nice and simple. Not a buckle in sight and I love that! Really easy to put on. You just put it around your neck like a scarf, pop one arm through the neck hole, pop baby in and you’re ready. In summer it would be a clear 5/5. What I have found is if baby is wearing a snow suit or we are both wearing winter coats, then it can be a bit difficult to navigate baby into position. I do feel my baby is secure in this sling. read more


Carly Awarded The Wacotto Sling 4.8/5

Loved the look of this baby sling as I had checked out online and as a first time mum was eager to try out this sling. The material used for this is great, very strong, versatile and easy to care for. Instructions very easy to follow and understand. I was surprised how easy this was to put on and was ready to go in no time. Was easy enough to place my daughter in this sling. I felt my daughter was safe and snug in this sling and it will be coming away with us this spring for our holiday to Spain. read more