Bea’s handmade

Handmade blankets by Bea

Bea’s Handmade patchwork quilt is completely unique.
Your quilt is designed to be used, loved and will become a treasured possession.
I use a mix of carefully sourced new and vintage fabric.
Sometimes I use old clothes or blankets that have special memories, mixed into a quilt of new fabric.
We can work together on what you’d like your quilt to look like or you can leave the design completely in my hands.

Cuski comforter

Cuski cream 12

The perfect gift for all newborn babies. The alternative to a dummy or a blanky.
Cuski sleeps with Mummy so it can pick up wonderful Mummy smells. Introduce it to your baby the following day and they bond for life.

It is designed to be easily cuddled and held by babies!

Bug in a Rug


This baby blanket will give your baby a cocooned feeling, promoting calm in babies, so baby is, snug as a bug in a rug.

More convenient than a normal blanket as there is no need to wrap & re-wrap your baby.

This baby wrap can be used with all 5 point harness systems, making moving your baby from car seat to pram to sling so simple.